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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with John Paul Dejoria and His Advice to Entrepreneurs

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On the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with John Paul Dejoria and His Advice to Entrepreneurs

as well as Mr Horaldo from Fox News who is John Paul’s good friend.

What Mr. Geraldo RIvera from Fox News had to say about John Paul Dejoria.

He is the kinda entrepreneur that I have always honored. Why is that?

Because he has sensational ideas,

impeccable implementation.

And he still has compassion in his heart.

He knows that he doesn’t need all his tremendous wealth,

He gives back in a way that, the compassionate model to me.

He is the model entrepreneur.

I think that is the best of what all this represents. It was capitalism

with a heart.

John Paul Dejoria speaking:

The world has to know about that, ok,

Success and shared as a failure.

There was 153, giving pledge.

We are fortunate to be Americans,

most of us came from absolutely nothing from the American

way. Bill Gates is one of them. Warren Buffet.

We pledge 50% of everything we make, while we’re alive and

after we died. We make the world a better place to live for

others. So, success shared as a failure. Most of us do whilst we’re alive.

A lot of billionaires belong to this club.

Trying to put this 99% against 1%, while we say, no, it’s we the people…

Question asked by Journalist: Does it matter to you if the company is still profitable.

I’ve got to make it profitable, but the reason for all these things, I need

another business, No. But something that helps change the world, but because we cash the

whole thing out, there’s no debt on it. We can have less than a margin, yes, necessary. We

can give the benefit to everybody. Yes, it will be profitable.

An Explanation by John Paul Dejoira on Rok Mobile Plan

No contract, so if it doesn’t work, say for the $49, cancel it. You can pick your career,

use your own phone, your own number. It’s changing things for everybody, making them reasonable.

Making note to have insurance. Sure, it’s small businesses. They can’t afford insurance for their people,

or death benefits. It’s all there, plus a telephone and service, because you can make international

calls 40 minutes, every single month, all on a $40 package, no contract.

Advice for young entrepreneurs. Keys to success. What are you looking most for young entrepreneurs.

Be prepared for a lot of rejection.

You’re always going to get it. If you’re prepared and know you’re going to get it, then it’s an obsession. It’s like knocking on 50 doors that all closing in your face. And door 51, be as enthusiastic as hard to do. Be prepared for lots of rejection. Don’t give up.

Second is this.

Make sure your service, and your product, is the best there is. You do not want to be in the selling business. You want to be in the reorder business. It’s so good to use, they want to use it again, and want to tell a friend about it. Those are the two biggest things.

Plus America still works. I start The Homeless with Paul Mitchell twice in my life. But you can start with virtually nothing in America. Have that good spirit, and people will join in, and you can still make it in America.

So, if 1% of 99%, we’re all the same. American dream happened a little quicker for some of us, but a lot of us are helping the others to come along.

Last word of The EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with John Paul Dejoria and His Advice to Entrepreneurs

Always try to do well, but then do good when you did well.

16,000 Students in our schools, are taught the culture of giving back helping others out, whether you have money or not.

We think we can change the planet this way. Maybe one day it will eliminate wars, who knows, by everyone caring about somebody else.


Published on May 20, 2017

John Paul Dejoria and FOX NEWS’ host Geraldo RIvera joined Cheddar at the floor of the NYSE to discuss Patron Tequila’s creation, Rok mobile, and the best advice for young entrepreneurs.

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John Paul Jones DeJoria is an American entrepreneur, a self-made billionaire and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patrón Spirits Company.

Geraldo Rivera (born Gerald Michael Rivera, July 4, 1943)[2][3] is an American attorney, reporter, author, and talk show host. He was the host of the talk show Geraldo from 1987 to 1998. Rivera hosted the newsmagazine program Geraldo at Large, hosts the occasional broadcast of Geraldo Rivera Reports (in lieu of hosting At Large), and appears regularly on Fox News Channel programs such as The Five.

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John Paul Dejoria on Patron Tequila’s Creation, Rok Mobile, and Advice to Entrepreneurs | Cheddar

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