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Style for Entrepreneurs: Why Style Matters



Style for Entrepreneurs: Why Style Matters


Now, something I’ve learnt along the way, is how much style matters.  Now, I’ve known forever, and am obsessed with fashion, that I love it, that I’m getting dressed, and what clothing can do for you. But I didn’t really know how important Style for Entrepreneurs: Why Style Matters,  was, to your business, and to your revenue goal.

My Story

So, going back to me, this whole section is like, me, me, me. But hopefully you’ll understand and set up the lesson we’re going into.

I was 34 years old, and school of style was taking off, Messiah Media, really beside into getting some momentum, and something really felt off. I wasn’t really getting the respect, that I felt I was working so hard for, and deserve. I didn’t feel that people were treating me, equally as my business partner. I like to wait, I’m doing all the heavy lifting, and working on the marketing and the branding, and I was kind of being treated like, an assistant, and it was really bothering me. And my businesses, while they were accelerating, I was having a hard time, getting over that hump to that million dollar mark, and I went back to what I know.

The Realization

I know fashion, I know style, I know what I teach my clients, to help them to reach the next level. If you dress the part, if you dress towards your goals, you will reach them. So I became my own client. I completely made myself over, with my business goals in mind. Now, if I wanted to be treated, like an entrepreneur, like a female business owner, who has two companies. One of them that was to break through a million dollars. How would a woman, in that position, how would she dress? Now, why I dress plenty fashionable, I was still stuck in the mindset of that 20 something year old girl. Who was sitting in the classroom, with dreams of becoming her own boss, and a stylist. Who, when under the wing people, who were ahead of her, and was just kind of learning, and taking notes and getting ready. I was still dressing like that. So, it was no wonder, that I wasn’t getting that respect, that I wasn’t taking things to the next level, because I wasn’t suited up for that experience.

Points to watch out for

And some people think fashion is silly, crazy. Oh, why would I spend all that money to get dressed, why do I take that extra effort. It’s just clothes. People should see the real me.

Here’s some reality. People are judging you. It’s just true. If you walk into a room, seven seconds is what it takes to form an opinion on someone. Seven seconds. That’s not long enough for them to get a sentence out. So, you were looking at a person, and thinking, ok, she’s his assistant. He is in charge. Just by your looks. So, if I were able to change the way I look, and change people’s instant first impression on me, what could happen next?

Flicker of hope

Well, what happened next was, you know, going past the million dollars. What happened next, was feeling more confident when I’m doing a pitch, or teaching a course. It really moved the market there. It helped accelerate my revenue. So, it sounds crazy, but I have so many clients. Hundreds of clients that I’ve seen this happened for. So, it’s like why couldn’t it happen for me?

Once it actually happened for me, that’s when I realized, ok, this is the stuff right here. It’s not so much about the clothes, but what the clothes can do for you.

True Case Study

I have a client who, she’s incredibly talented, She’s a movie producer. Freak’n awesome. Great girl, super sweet, had an awesome boyfriend, but she was dressed like a PA. People on the set were treating her like a PA. And she didn’t feel like deserving, to look like her real best. She was in a scarcity mentality of I’m freelance, I don’t know when the next job was coming, which is very similar to an entrepreneur, got success today, what happens if it all crumbles tomorrow. So, she wasn’t willing to invest in herself, but everyone gets that breaking point like I cannot live like this anymore. And when that happened to her, she called me. Since calling me, and redoing her entire style, She’s married, okay, boyfriend put a ring on it, she’s produced an incredible movie, Southern Fears, that was so exited, that’s probably going to be nominated for a bunch of rewards, and her respect level through the roof. She’s gone so far in her career, she’s made so much more money, it’s absolutely incredible.

In Conclusion:

Style for Entrepreneurs: Why Style Matters

There’s actually a study, women who put an effort in how they dress, get paid 20% more than women who don’t. Now, this is not just like getting a raise from your boss. It’s like, all across the board. You make more money, if you put more effort in your appearance. Don’t argue with the facts. I didn’t make them up, they’re true. So, that’s a little context, a little about me, a little bit about my style journey, and how it took my life as an entrepreneur to the next level. So, I just want you to keep all that in mind, before we bust into the official lesson. So that you know, I don’t give you just a bunch of garbage. We’re not just going to talk about shoes. This actually matters. So, let that soak in, and now we’re going to bust into the lesson.

So, everybody, that concludes Style for Entrepreneurs: Why Style Matters. Take good care of yourselves.

Published on Jan 13, 2017

In this video I share how I learned if you dress towards your goals you will reach them. Find out more how much style matters and the difference fashion will make in your professional life.

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