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Hi Folks,

Welcome on board. I am going to show you how you can do Transcribing without being able to type.  The life saver here is Google Voice Typing


For a year I have been transcribing, as a result,  I started looking at ways to make life easier for myself. It really drains one to type, and there is always the pressure that you need to make a little bit more money.

The way I figured it out is that you get many Tasks where the sound quality is very poor. Equally important, it was an issue to connect the microphone to the Task, as a result, I spent more time in fixing errors, and the quality was much better if I typed.


Therefore,  I was figuring out how to speed up a bit. Well, I thought if I hear what they say in the Task, and repeat it by talking into the microphone, maybe the quality of typing will be so much better. Google Voice Typing only has to worry about my pronunciation, and don’t have to worry about all the different people that talk on the tasks, therefore,  it is just a simple copy and paste back to the Task. The Task has a very good editor and will show you all your errors which you can fix. Just make 100% sure about the quality of your typing. I tested it, and all my tasks were accepted.



Pop Up for Microphone
Pop Up for Microphone

Let’s fire away with Step 1:

When you connect your Microphone with your PC, choose Mic In, and make sure the settings are correct that sound will reach the PC.




Right click on Speakers/Headphones/98%. Check out the Microphone.

Back to Google Drive:


Example of Microphone in Voice Typing
Voice Typing is On
Voice Typing is On


Step 2:

In your browser, search for Go to Google Drive->My Drive-> Google Docs->Blank Document

There are Two settings: a) Format->capitilization->lowercase

b) Tools-> Voice Typing. On the 2 examples above, when the microphone is off, it is black. When the microphone is recording, it is red. Record a test piece and see if the typing is of high standard. The more you use Google Voice, the better the Transcribing will become. Here is a link to all the commands in Google Voice Typing.


Task and Voice Typing, Copy and Paste
Task and Voice Typing, Copy and Paste


Step 3:

The way I setup CrowdSurfWork with Google Docs, Chrome Browser->Restore Down(next to cross top right) and adjust the page to be half of my existing screen. I do the same with Google Docs, and put the two pages next to each other.

I put the Task speed on 1.5 (blue) and then start the Microphone so that it is red on Google Docs. I start repeating what the speaker is saying in the Task. When done, I copy and paste the text from Google Docs to the Task. I play the video on the Task again, and set the speed on green. Once I am satisfied, I submit the Task. If there are any errors, I fix it.


Approved Tasks
Approved Tasks

Final Step:

Above is the result of the Voice Typing. All my Tasks have been approved. I will receive my payment in the Workmarket account before the day is over. Another place to watch, is the HIT QC Score. If you go lower than 2.5, there is something wrong with your method. Review all the steps again, and try to increase to 3.0. Once you have reached an average of 3.85, you will start getting bonuses, providing you have abide by the rules.


In conclusion, I have found that Transcribing for CrowdSurfWork is one of the ways where you can make real dollars “On Tap”. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can roll out the dollars. Okay, it is not the fastest way of making money, but it is the surest way. The only problem is when you don’t give CrowdSurfWork your best quality work. That is when they close down your account.

Good luck, Folks. Make some money!!


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