Can you Remember Your First Dollar Online

Can you Remember Your First Dollar Online

Introduction to

Do you remember drinking your first Pepsi as a child?

I know I sure can!
How can any 8-year old resist the beloved Happy Drink.
However, it was much later in life that I discovered
Pepsi’s secret ingredient.
Most people look at Pepsi and see only the can and the contents.
But behind the delicious, cold black juice, lies a much bigger
quality which the normal person does not give any thought to.

As CrowdSurfWork and Pepsi have the same magical ingredient,
you can put the shoulder to the wheel and become part of your
own success. You don’t have to start a brand new business. Imagine
how long it will take to grow as big as either of the two
Businesses mentioned.

All is offered to you on a golden platter. You just need to get yourself
in the system.

Click on the link and Start your Journey to become an Online
Start-Up, with one of the finest, trouble free Companies
in the world. Your Online Business will cost you nothing.
How many other Businesses can say the same?

My biggest desire for you,  is to see you making your

First Dollar Online. Trust me, that is the best feeling ever.

It is not Easy to make Your First Dollar Online

Today’s message is a little bit more on the
personal side… I hope you don’t mind.
We celebrated Husband’s birthday with
a Great Restaurant, a sea view to die for,
Excellent Food, Wine was like fresh from the vines.
As I sat there, taking it all in, I realized
how incredibly blessed I am. Not just to have
a great husband… but to have a business that
gives me the freedom to spend time with the
people I love.
And that’s why I’m writing to you today…because
I want you to have that same freedom.

The problem is, it is not easy to make your
First Dollar Online. A huge obstacle lies ahead
of you. When you read all the great achievements
online, it really looks so easy.  You try it. If you can make
your First Dollar Online without spending one dime out
of your pocket, you are a winner.

That is why I keep on asking that you join CrowdSurfWork.
To join is totally free, and that great reward of getting your
first dollar, priceless.

Test in CrowdSurfWork Before You can join

CrowdSurfWork has to test you to see if you can transcribe for them.

Don’t fear. I will reveal a few tips to make this test as easy as possible.

The good news is, that you can be about anywhere on earth to transcribe.

Remember, the main aim is to make your First Dollar Online,

without it costing you a penny to generate.

You will only use your skills to get to the first dollar.

To transcribe for Crowdsurf, you need to know a set of basic rules.

There are guidelines in place. Best is to study these guidelines and

understand them very well. It will make your life so much easier in the future.

Actually it is nice to have a set of rules to go by. Some people really don’t talk very clearly,

and on top of it, if you have to struggle with the transcribing, it is a night mare.

More about the test itself

You get three changes to pass the test.

Once you have taken your first test, wait for the results.

Don’t click away, just stay on that page. If you didn’t pass,

there is an option on the bottom to go back in your test and see where you’ve made a mistake.

Best is to write every question and correct answer down.

With the transcription, put it on slow. We had Manny and his piece of steak.

These people talk very fast. To stop the talk, hit CTRL+Spacebar.

To resume, hit CTRL+ Spacebar again.

Once you have done the transcription on this test, CTRL+A, to select all,

and CTRL+C, to copy the script and save it in Notepad.

When you run the test for the second time, you don’t have to transcribe

Manny and his piece of steak again. By then you are also pretty tired and scared.

Good Luck with the test. Remember, it is for your own benefit to help you

to make your life easier on the Transcription side.


But Liz, I can’t Transcribe!!!

No Problem!! I will show you what I do when I get tired of Transcribing.

Just fill in your email address and you will receive the solution in your inbox!! 

Laser Targeting

I know what laser targeting means.

Today I have seen it with my own eyes.

Hubby and I went to the shops, only 1 mile away.

The GPS on the automobile was on, and that

very rude woman talking on the GPS was yelling her heart out.

See, this GPS was targeted onto the garage where

we just left from. We live in kinda funny place, sort

of cul de sac. No fancy highways and byways to our

place. Well, did this woman have a cadensa, and she

just wanted us to go back home, no matter where we were.

If you can laser target your efforts to make your First

Dollar Online by using CrowdSurf, it will be a winner.

I forgot to say, after you’ve done your test, you have to

wait about a week to ten days for Crowdsurf to get you on

the system.

Once CrowdSurfWork sent you an email with your logon details,

you can start firing away.

Ratings in CrowdSurfWork

I just need to warn you. For every task you completed,

you get a rating out of 4. Go slowly and try to get the closest

to 4. If you hit a 1, grab a cup of coffee and go through your

guidelines again. There is a saying that if you have three ones

then CrowdSurfWork closes your account. I don’t think they are

that strict, but keep your relationship right with CrowdSurfWork,

and try to do the best transcription you can.


If you really struggle to make that First Dollar Online, join CrowdSurfWork.

Don’t worry if you are slow in the beginning. You will soon pick up speed.

What is so nice with CrowdSurfWork, is that if you make $10 in the morning,

You can have that amount minus $1 in your Paypal account if you redeem it

before four o’clock in the afternoon. Most accounts only pay you in two weeks

to a month.