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7 Types of People You Need To Completely Avoid

7 Types of People You Need To Completely Avoid. Dave Alley will guide you on the danger signs and how to avoid these people in a nice way.

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Introduction by Daniel Ally

Daniel Ally talk with you about 7 kind of people that you need to completely avoid. The reason why you need to avoid these people, because they can be detrimental to your health and if you wanna live a healthy long life that you need to completely avoid the people that I am about to discuss.


The first person you need to avoid, are Gossips. People would talk about other people. Those who criticize those who agonize, those who talk about other people behind their backs. most likely if they’re talking about other people around you, they’re probably going to talk about you when you’re gone. Now a lot of times you can stop a Gossip before they start. Sometimes they’ll start talking to people, and they add it a negative aspect to them and just gotta say, shhh, stop I don’t wanna hear that, and then you can evade the conversation. You see, if you listen to Gossips, what tends to happen, is you end up either gossiping, or you might have negative feelings about the person who is being gossiped about. Many times the Gossip is within your own Circle. Maybe it’s people you work with, or your family members or your friends. You’ve got to stop them, and help them understand, gossiping is not going to help anyone. Not even that person that’s been gossiped about.

Jealous Haters

The second person to avoid, are Jealous Haters. Jealous Haters are basically people who wanna get in your way. Who really love you inside but they don’t know how to express it . A lot of them are going to devalue you. They’re going to say, you’re inadequate. They’re going to say, you’re just fluff, that you’re not enough.

But what you have to understand is that these people actually want to help you. I always believe that critiques make you do better, but haters make you do it faster. Don’t let these haters dethrone you, don’t let them devalue your soul. Understand that you are a child of God and that you were made to do something special. Now you might be asking, how do I know this person is a hater. How do I know if this person is jealous. What usually happens, is, when you tell them something good, they try to shut it down automatically.They try to over power you or devalue, exactly what you’re telling them. They try to limit your accomplishments, and make you feel like you’re not doing enough.

Time Wasters

The third kind of person you need to avoid, are Time Wasters. Time Wasters come in many different forms. So, you have to understand what kind of Time Waster you are dealing with. Now since there are all kind of Time Wasters out there, you must understand, what kind of Time Wasters you are dealing with. Some people like to ramble on about nonsense, and if they do, you need to ask them to share the bottom line. Some people like to talk about things that aren’t important like celebrity gossips or sports or anything just to waste time. So you have to shut them down ask them to get to the point So that you can get on with your business. Most time wasters are completely unaware of time. They don’t know how I managed to cut themselves and so is that intentional for them, to take away your time. what you need to do is, kindly show them love, let them know you have important things to do and that you will get to them at another time.

Money Grabbers

The fourth kind of person you should completely avoid, are Money Grabbers.

People who run away when it’s time to pay the bill, people who keep on asking for things. people who just want to spend your money. How do you know who Money Grabber is? What I want you to do is, to pull out your statements and ask yourself, who grab my money, am I buying things for people to help them, or am I just buying it because they are asking me. A lot of times Money Grabbers will ask for things that they don’t even need, and that’s how you know you’re dealing with a Money Grabber.

Over-Sensitive People

The fifth kind of person you should clearly avoid are Over-Sensitive People. People who come with so much emotional baggage people have 10,000 problems or more. Over-Sensitive people are gonna be there in the world. We have to understand they have no part in your life. How do you know if someone is an Over-Sensitive person? Usually you can tell when they’re very picky person. They’re picky about there clothes, they’re picky about the conversation. They feel like they’re always attacked, They’re picky about everything they see, everything they do. So these people might be helpful in your life, but don’t try to spend too much time with them if you have big goals, that you want to accomplish.

Excuse Makers

The sixth kind of person you want to avoid, are Excuse Makers. People that come out with excuses all the time, they’re always hungry, they’re always tired, they’re always bored, they’re always broke. They have millions of excuses and they never wanna take action because they want you to get caught up in the excuses. Now, there’s a lot of times where I’ve seen successful people were also excuse makers. So, understand that excuse makers come in all different forms. You have to be willing to understand what the excuses this message and help that person or completely avoided them, when they make their excuses. There’s a lot of people that are going to tell you why it won’t work, or why you shouldn’t do it, or why it can’t happen.You have to understand what they’re really saying. Sometimes they may fear for you but the fear is illegitimate. Be able to understand it and dismiss it, if it is something that you believe you should be doing.

Miseducated People

The seventh person you should avoid are Miseducated people. Not uneducated people, Miseducated people. People who have the wrong ideas about what it takes you to become successful. Well like I said before there’s a lot of people who are highly educated. They’ve credentials, they’ve awards, degrees, they’ve all kinds of training, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know exactly what you need to do to become successful. Some times you’ve got to watch out. sometimes there are wolves in sheep clothing. This means they’re actually enemies disguised as friends.


They are frenemies. You have to watch out who they are, and understand who you are doing business with. There’s a lot of Miseducated People, See, you have to understand that some of them are educated, in sociacidal terms, but they do not have common sense. Or they may not have wisdom or simple understanding. So you have to watch out for these people and not allow them to distract you from your greater purpose.

In Summary

You realize that a lot of times there’s no way you can avoid these people. But what’s best to do is to understand them. It is to be able to gather the intelligence necessary to make the wise choices with the people that you interact with. Perhaps you have a lot of acquaintance, that you consider allies, or allies, that should be acquaintance. So, understand who you’re dealing with, and try to gravity towards people that can help you to reach your highest goals.

Published on Mar 9, 2017

Daniel Ally shares 7 kinds of people you need to avoid:

1. Gossipers
2. Jealous Haters
3. Time-Wasters
4. Money Grabbers
5. Over-Sensitive
6. Excuse-Makers
7. Miseducated

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7 Types of People You Need To Completely Avoid:

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